Cunnamulla Fella Festival Website

Cunnamulla Fella Festival

Created in conjunction with Tourism Darling Downs, the Cunnamulla Fella Festival was in dire need of a re-do. Bogged down with outdated technology and stereotypical ‘old country’ stylings.

We breathed new life into the website based on their brand refresh. Creating a vibrant new website design, targeting a younger audience in addition to their existing one.

With better integration with their existing social media platforms and built on WordPress so that organisers could rapidly update the website. They now have a modern foundation to build out the Festival website, and advertise future events.

This new website is also the first step in creating an entirely new tourism website experience for the region. And since that new site will use this same base, none of our work here is doubled-up or will be lost in the transition.

Cunnamulla Fella Festival Website

Cunnamulla Fella Festival Website

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