Bunya Mountains Website

Bunya Mountains Accommodation Centre

The second edition of the Bunya Mountains Accommodation Centre website we have created together boasts an all new design. And a complete recreation of the site’s code from the ground up.

Revising the website over time has allowed us to create a website that better responds to feedback collected since we built the first edition several years ago.

All of this is thanks to a more modern code and design architecture under the hood. But all the visitors need to know is that the website is faster, better looking and easier to use.

Booking platform integration

To keep the website constantly up to date we wrote a custom plugin to interface with their accommodation booking platform – RMS. This queries and updates their accommodation locations and availability, in moments, every hour, every day.

And with the modular nature of WordPress all the integration we have done so far can be easily extended throughout the website, and made more feature rich over time.

Bunya Mountains Mobile Site