Wow, I’m so glad you’re reading this. Amazed, even.

Thanks for getting this far. Take the time to look over my work and read more about me (and debate my choice of moody profile photo).

So in short I’m looking for more freelance gigs.

I do my best work working with marketing agencies that don’t have an internal web team, but have also done plenty of overflow for web agencies too. Helping to create the visual communication and creative concept of a project – and building the digital implementation of it.

My specialty is WordPress (in particular using the Roots framework). But have plenty of experience in identity and print design, and a few other digital platforms too.

I don’t outsource anything, I wrote all my own code myself.

Since I have my own clients I know how to take a project from inception to completion without dragging the chain.

I also know how to speak like a human to other humans – without getting bogged down in technical specifics.

I understand that the goal of any good client project is to solve the needs of the client, not flex my own technical prowess.

What I don’t do is social, SEO, content writing, and selling myself.

Call me on 0413 981 460, email simeon@tomoro.com.au or use the form below.

Thanks for your time.

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