How much does a website cost?

Great question. Because I custom create every website project the price can vary between projects. Price isn’t determined by the number of pages or images, but on how many layouts and kinds of interactivity you need. A ‘brochure’ website of information is very different to an ecommerce website with stock level integrations and email marketing.

Most of my website projects begin at AU$8000+GST.

How long does it take to build a website?

This depends both on how complex the website is and how ready you are to begin.

I’ve built complex, content heavy websites in under a month. I’ve built some small websites that took a year to complete waiting on content.

If you have a desired date for launch it’s best to notify me of that as early as possible. Then I’ll determine what can be achieved in that time and what will roll out in stages.

Why WordPress?

Many reasons:

  • It’s proven. WordPress was released in 2003 and as of February 2017 powers 27.5% of websites on the internet. This is not a flash-in-the-pan service that will be abandoned tomorrow.
  • It’s popular. If something should happen to me you’ll find 100 developers to work on your website tomorrow.
  • It’s extendable. Many feature requests by clients can be answered simply by installing or adapting an existing plugin.
  • It’s easy to use. The main reason I use and recommend WordPress is its ease of use for my clients. There’s so many more shiny new content management systems out there but they’re not as good for my clients.

I’ve heard WordPress is terrible because X, Y and Z

That’s not a question, but it is a fairly common statement.

WordPress like anything has its fans and detractors. It also powers enterprise level websites down to simple blogs. Don’t get distracted by a techie turf war among opinionated website developers. WordPress gets the job done.

Also if we must get bogged down in the details, I specialise in a very fancy framework for WordPress called Trellis which modernises the entire platform and increases reliability, security and deployment.

Do you provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

In a sense, but not as a specialisation. Having been exposed to SEO experts I make sure the websites I code are optimised out of the box. But as for ongoing SEO, content marketing, social marketing, etc those are best handled by the experts.

And you better be prepared to out-spend your direct competition.

About Domain Names

If you have a domain name already I can point your existing domain at new hosting. Or I can register a domain name for you an on-charge.

About Hosting

If you have hosting already I will need to see it to judge its quality.

I use a cloud hosting provider for website hosting based on my specific WordPress development workflow. This is my preferred way of working and will be on-charged annually, or you can register a hosting account in your own name.

About Email Accounts

I do not provide support or assistance with email accounts, that’s the work of IT professionals.