Year One

31 October 2014 #Tomoro

Tomorrow will mark a year of Tomoro.

This anniversary gives me a good excuse to write a blog post I’ve wanted to put together for awhile. A retrospective of my own personal work from the beginning up until this point. I notoriously horde every single file I ever create, so my archives are bloated with my old work.

Most of it (read: all of it) makes me cringe looking back. I consider this to be positive. If I looked back at my old work and thought it still looked really great, I wouldn’t have developed at all.

Yesterday I redesigned this website, after 19 versions of the Rimfya website, that marks the 22nd iteration of my own personal sites in just eleven years. I wonder how I’ll look back on it a few years from now…

Rimfya Logo Variations


It was 2003 I was studying a Certificate IV in Multimedia (my only qualification) the final assessment was to create a website and identity for a fictitious brand. At the time I was working for a printing company and a stock we regularly used was ‘Rimfire’, I liked the name but wouldn’t copy it exactly so I made what I believed to be a clever misspelling of the name. Rimfya.

It had the added benefit of being completely unique (domain registration was easy). It also had the massive drawback of being completely foreign looking to anyone that ever tried to contact me, pronounce it aloud and it was a hassle to spell out over the phone.

2003 was a formative year in my career also, having attended the first Semi-Permanent design conference. My eyes were opened to the world of graphic design and I knew this was what I wanted to do. I had to try everything, from k10k‘s pixel perfect designs, to Rinzen‘s vector illustrations.

Embarrassing illustration

Embarrassing! Needless to say, I’ve never promoted my illustration “skills” as a service.

So now inspired to be a real life graphic designer, I continued to work different printing and graphic design jobs for a few years, while taking on whatever part time projects I could find.

The Rimfya logo changed over time, and my then obsession with pink changed to lime green … and stayed that way for awhile.

Original iPhone as seen on the original iPhone in New York in 2007, kind of a big deal!

Fast forward a few years and it was the time to strike out on my own. Some time in 2008 I left my last job and began to work under the name Rimfya full-time.

Like all fledgling businesses it wasn’t easy at first. I was taking on absolutely anything and everything. Having worked in print for the previous six years I was looking for a lot of print work. However I started to look at taking on website design again, something I’d only ever done as a hobby.

Old Rimfya Website circa 2008, version 14


Family Car with Sign Writing

The family car, Rimfya-ified

Over time I’ve gone from taking whatever I can get, to working out what I’m best at and focusing on just that. Apparently most small businesses fail in the first few months. Fortunately Rimfya made it.

Old Rimfya Website version 16


Since I never really liked the name I jumped at the opportunity to change it. So a year ago while making some paperwork changes behind the scenes, it was simpler to register a new name than transfer the old one. Spontaneously we needed to come up with something in a hurry.

“I need a business name by tomorrow”

So we called it Tomoro.
Here’s to many years more.