We’re hiring! Junior Front End Developer

11 May 2016 #Thoughts

Come and help us make the internet. Tomoro is looking for a junior front end developer to join the team.

People making the internet

What we need

Someone looking to get a start in the digital industry. If you’ve got an interest in how websites are put together we’re looking for you. You”ll be working on live websites that are seen by thousands daily so attention to detail is super important.

What we need you to do

  • HTML/CSS Updates to WordPress templates
  • Create email newsletter templates
  • Work with the design lead to help create responsive websites
  • Help create documentation as we transition to a development team
  • Potentially the occasional print-design project as well!

What we need you to know

  • Adobe CC
  • Mac OS X

What it would be nice if you also knew

  • Sketch
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Git (version control)
  • CSS Frameworks such as Pure or Bootstrap

What we need you to be

  • Creative
  • Detail oriented
  • Design oriented
  • A speedy typist
  • Eager to learn more
  • Ready to use gained knowledge or search out new knowledge to solve problems
  • Someone with a deep curiosity and interest for websites
  • Someone with a deep curiosity and interest for something outside of websites

What do you need to know about us?

We’re small. The design and development at present is a one-man show.

We offer custom services to clients that want websites that communicate clearly. We don’t mass-produce one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter websites. We don’t do things the same way we did 12 months ago if there’s a better way. We don’t sell our clients things they don’t need.

This position will be offered on a trial basis and may lead to part-time employment. Not only will you be employed to perform the role of front end developer but also help transition Tomoro from a solo operator to a design agency.

If you’re interested, contact us!