Put a real face on your website

18 September 2014 #WordPress

Most websites break down easily into four sections:

  • Home
  • Services
  • About
  • Contact

Let’s consider what is most important here. The home page clearly needs to make an impact. The services section contains all those Search Engine Optimisation-rich pages detailing what you do. The about section is typically a boring collection of customer-irrelevant vision statements and history. The contact page is typically what a majority of your website visitors clicked on because all they want is your phone number.

I have a theory that smart small businesses will begin changing the priority of these sections. While your services might be what made your website pop up in a potential customer’s Google search, it’s the About section which can really seal the deal.

Boring Stock Photo

Is there anything more alienating than boring stock photography on small business websites?

Look up 100 accountant’s websites. There’s a good chance they all do the same thing; accounting. Whilst individually they’d all tell a story about their point of difference it’s really the people inside the building that are genuinely that difference.

I now recommend any small business looking to create a new website to think strongly about high quality photography of their staff and office space; which is more affordable than most think. Simply to show a potential visitor that they are a real office. Filled with real people. That you can visit or call on the phone. Images of real people and places allows the visitor to make an instant emotional connection to the business.

Recently we launched a new website for Australian Well Control Centre, their previous website was full of mining stock photos. These photos were relevant to the services section of their website, but there was no sense of place about them. It didn’t feel like a business I could visit, and it was only around the corner from my office!

Another client of ours Elodus Financial, made a large feature out of their staff profiles to show off the individual personalities of the team. It’s the highest trafficked part of their website and has been a great success.

So while there is a school of thought in website development about brute-forcing visitors to your website through keywords and Search Engine Optimisation. I much prefer to create websites that connect with people on first glance, to show real places and faces, in the hope that they’ll make the call!