Keep blogging to show you’re alive

3 December 2015 #WordPress

I’m not in the habit of checking out the websites of people in my industry. However this week I was on the hunt for some web developers. Many of our sites say similar things about our service offerings and standard of work.

A point of difference would be the “about” section where we explain in short detail who we are and what makes us so passionate about the work we do.

What really sets websites of a similar industry apart though is this section, the blog.

My blog on this website often touches on subjects I like but aren’t necessarily related to what I do professionally. Along side some useful tutorials and code snippets I’ve found or developed myself. The articles on this blog vary wildly in relevance depending on who the reader is.


Fresh content

Two major reasons I keep blogging

  1. Search Engine Optimisation, duh.
  2. To show I’m alive.

When shopping for a service online it’s easy to be put off immediately by any website that hasn’t been updated recently. One developer’s site set a record in this regard with blog posts dated 2002-2004.

(Eleven years without an update is actually kind of impressive in its own way…)

A blog that’s been posted to recently, even if not too regularly, is a great way to demonstrate to people that you exist! You’re real! You’re active! You’re sitting by the phone/inbox right now!

It just takes dedication. I have “Write a blog post” scheduled as a task to do every Friday (a good day to procrastinate away from actual work). I don’t always mark this task as done, but I’m constantly reminded to make the effort.

There’s an argument to be made that people who aren’t actively blogging aren’t in need of extra work. They’re too busy. That’s fine. But anyone who’s actively looking for work running a website that hasn’t been updated in the last 12-18 months is asking for a visitor to bounce.

Write about whatever you want, but write something. If your enquiries have dried up make sure your site is beaming with fresh content.