Introducing WPandMe – WordPress and a Human

22 March 2018 #WordPress

We’re in the business of making really big, great, custom, intricate and detailed WordPress websites. Which typically means we turn away a lot of people who “just want a website”. So we’ve launched a little something that could help with that.

It’s called WPandMe – WordPress and a Human.

A very simple, self contained little website.

Coffee Cup - Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash

There are plenty of online services around to build simple websites. The problem most people find with services like Squarespace and Wix is simply getting started. I’ve assisted people in the past who have done the hours of work in getting a site up on these services but cannot connect the domain or have similar struggles.

So the idea with WPandMe is that we’ve built a simple template with a few customisation options. Installed only the plugins most people need. The kicker being that we’ll actually get all your content in place and connect your domain name – then it’s all yours.

You get the full power and ease of content editing of WordPress, with none of the setup dilemma – and “just a website”.

The service is in early launch now and we’re rapidly developing new features while purposefully keeping it light and simple so that all WPandMe websites are easy to read and load super fast.

Take a look!

Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash