Introducing Continuous Website Care

27 October 2017 #Tomoro

For years now we’ve focused on creating websites that look and work great.

Going forward we’re also going to ensure that clients unlock maximum ongoing value from the websites that we create.

Build it and they will come?

If only it were this simple. Like any digital product, websites need ongoing maintenance to be effective and secure.

Getting your fancy new website online is ‘day one’ for its life. Getting value out of your investment requires ongoing care and strategy.

Making sure your website is reliably online, fast loading, secure and filled with fresh content all count. Towards your search engine ranking and customer experience.

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How it works

On all plans,¬†subscribing will start with secure off-site backups. With daily backups operating, updating software on the site is much safer. We’ll make sure each month that your website is both backed up and up to date.

Also included is ongoing uptime and security monitoring, so we will be alerted if your website ever goes down. This is often the result of some problematic part of the site that can then be corrected to prevent happening again.

For each level of Care we also offer support time to fix bugs or any requested changes.

All of this is wrapped up in a report sent at the end of each month.

On the ‘Enhance’ plan we include a monthly strategy call to discuss next steps to make your website work harder for you.

On the ‘Accelerate’ plan we will even proactively improve the website. Swapping out previously preferred technologies for the same new methods we employ on our latest websites.

All plans can be cancelled at any time.

Fixing a broken website can cost more than maintaining one

‘I hope I don’t hacked’ is not a valid website security policy.

Neither is assuming that your website is fine just because you haven’t touched it. The server it is running on may have updated in a way that breaks compatibility with your website, without notification.

Thinking DIY? Without ongoing backups and an ongoing record of what has been changed, you may have no working version of the site to fall back on. Or any idea which change has effected the website adversely.

Replacing an old website can cost more too

Here’s a common chain of events. You launch a website. It’s never updated. It’s broken. Years pass. Now it needs to be replaced wholesale. This isn’t ideal.

While technology does change, a well constructed and maintained website can be used for many years in its form without a complete technological overhaul.

Need more information?

To start unlocking more value from your existing website and make it work harder for your business contact us. We’ll send information on available plans and the best course of action for you.

Spend your time on what you’re best at and let us ensure you have an awesome website to back you up.

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