How important is a mobile site, anyway?

12 November 2014 #WordPress

Hand holding a phone

While I’ve been building responsive websites for awhile now, I have been asked regularly just how useful a mobile site actually is. So today I set off in search of answers.

Going through the analytics of some of our largest sites, they are showing that 35-40% of visits are coming from mobile devices. Another 10-15% from tablets, and the rest desktops. This is a huge number of visitors that cannot be ignored.

Plus when Google is recommending responsive design you know it can impact your Search Engine Optimisation as well. If a person searching on a mobile device finds the content they want easily, Google will know, and rank the site higher.

Responsive design has been a no-brainer for awhile now. So this post is nothing incredibly groundbreaking. Just glad I took the time to find some hard numbers so next time I’m asked, I’ll know!