Faster WordPress development and fewer headaches with Roots

14 June 2018 #WordPress

This is a screen recording of my talk from WordPress Brisbane on June 14th 2018.

I’ve been developing WordPress websites for a number of years and using the Roots development tools for the last two.


A little more setup time. Fewer headaches.

If you’re a beginner (like I was) to modern development tools, using Roots has a massive learning curve. By my own admission I’m far from the most technically advanced developer.

Once you’re up and going you’ll wonder how you lived without them. Setting up and maintaining websites with Roots is faster and more reliable than traditional local installs and pushing live with FTP to hosting.

Any questions, just ask!

(Note: This talk wasn’t intended as a how-to but a case-by-case argument for the benefits of Roots and a list of things I wish I had explained to me before I started!)

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