Back to WordPress…

25 November 2016 #Code

After years on Textpattern, a brief time on WordPress, a conversion to Webhook, I’ve moved the blog back to WordPress once again.


I really wish I didn’t have to. Webhook is still my ideal product (a static site generator with a CMS, capable of creating repeating layouts). That’s a fairly specific set of requirements. And likely the reason that despite everything I liked about it, it’s no longer in active development.

So given my new found fascination for WordPress – thanks in large part to Roots – I’m back on WordPress again.

It took plenty of fiddling around especially because I use a complex Advanced Custom Fields repeater for my blog post layouts. I managed to export all data from Webhook into a json file, convert that to XML and import using WP All Import. But it was not fun.

Moving the website once again has highlighted how out of date many sections are though. So at least now that I’m on WordPress with Roots, updates should be much simpler to perform.