Automatically upload Garmin Connect activities to Strava

13 August 2014 #Tutorials

As the new owner of a Garmin 510 I had one main question: how do I get it to connect to Strava. Fortunately Garmin just announced increased connectivity with Strava and other fitness applications, but neither Garmin or Strava have posted instructions on how to link the two.

So after scouring the internet for answers and finding them in the comment section of someone else’s website, I figured I’d post the instructions for any other cyclist searching for simple instructions.

…and they are simple!

  1. Login to your Strava account on your computer.
  2. At the top right of your dashboard click Upload.
  3. Under Garmin click Get Started.
  4. You’ll then be asked to login to Garmin Connect. (If you use Facebook to login to Garmin Connect you won’t find the option here, so open a separate tab, login to Garmin Connect then try again in Strava.)
  5. Once Strava and Garmin Connect are linked, you’re all done.

Connect Garmin to Strava

That’s it! Now when you upload new activities to Garmin Connect on your phone or desktop they’ll be automatically uploaded to Strava. In my test it only took moments but Strava says to wait 3-5 minutes.