Adobe CC Update Notes

26 January 2017 #Thoughts

The following are applicable to every update Adobe CC update, seemingly.

(I find Adobe’s software equally invaluable and frustrating on a daily basis, so my tongue is firmly in the cheek here…)

Patch notes:

  • Made almost every interaction with every application 5% slower.
  • Added a feature you’ll never use.
  • Shoe-horned a suite of features into an app you wish getting less bloated.
  • Removed a feature you relied on.
  • Moved a tool to a place you can’t find it.
  • Changed keyboard shortcut that has been imprinted on your brain for about a decade.
  • Buried that tool you use regularly into a subset of tools you’re unfamiliar with.
  • Introduced a new file browsing/creation interface that is slower than what the native system interface version would be.
  • Made no further progress towards making the Adobe CC suite of applications feel like an actually connected suite of applications.
  • Didn’t fix that bug you’ve been having since forever (perhaps try uninstalling everything, again?).
  • Introduced a new bug you’ll learn to live with.
  • Reset your preferences.
  • Do you like notifications? We’ve added notifications.
  • Shoe-horned half-finished features from competitors applications into our legacy-burdened software.

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