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The World of Tomoro


The Designer

Hello! I’m Simeon Griggs, the sole member of the one-man team that is Tomoro.

For the last 8 or so years I’ve been designing identities, print materials and especially websites for clients locally, interstate and internationally.

Growing up I spent the weekends of my formative years in front of a glowing screen, teaching myself how to code. Fortunately that passion turned into a profession.

That passion continues today in the continued exploration of new ideas in my work. No two websites I create are the same as each one presents its own unique design challenges.

If I’m not out cycling, I can be contacted by email or phone.


The Design

When you deal with Tomoro you’ll deal with Simeon directly. Tomoro is a deliberately small, independent company. Enabling a close relationship with clients one-on-one.

Above all else we create websites that are useful. Your current and potential clients visit your site to achieve something — find out more about you, your services, your contact details. This should be effortless.

We also place great value on putting a human face on small businesses. Even the most plain companies can spring to life online with the inclusion of personalised photographs, video and written copy. This can be the difference between looking the same as your competitors, and looking like a real, relatable business that people want to get to know.

We wrap all this up in our custom designed and coded websites. Each one created as a solution to the individual design challenges it was envisioned to solve.

If that sounds like what you need, get in touch.